Xfce 4.14 Sees Its Long-Awaited Pre-Release


The GTK3-ported Xfce 4.14 might see its long-awaited official release in the near future. In preparing for a hopeful August debut, the Xfce 4.14 pre-release is now available.

It’s been four years since the release of Xfce 4.12 and in addition to the GTK3 tool-kit re-tooling there has been a lot of UI improvements, vblank support added, colord integration, and many other feature additions.

Head on over to Xfce developer Simon Steinbeiß’ blog for all the exciting details of this first pre-release to Xfce 4.14.

If all goes well, Xfce 4.14 could see its release around mid-August with three more pre-releases prior to that 11 August target.