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RESTful services have been popular for quite some time now. They are widely-used, primarily for improved performance, ease of use and maintenance. Swagger is a popular API for documenting your RESTful Web APIs. You need some way to document your RESTful services to know the endpoints and the different data models used in the request and response payloads. This article presents a discussion on how we can use Swagger to document our Web APIs easily.

What is Swagger? Why is it needed?

Swagger is a framework that can be used for describing and visualizing your RESTful APIs. Swagger provides a simple, yet powerful, way to represent your RESTful APIs so that the developers using those APIs can understand the endpoints and the request and response payloads in a much better way. The success of your API largely depends on proper documentation as proper documentation helps the developers understand ways to consume your API better. Here’s exactly where Swagger comes to the rescue.

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