WireGuard Released For macOS, WireGuard Windows Coming & Linux Kernel Bits Still Pending


The initial version of the WireGuard open-source secure VPN tunnel is now available for macOS, following the WireGuard for iOS port a few months prior. But sadly on the Linux front, the kernel bits still have yet to be mainlined.

WireGuard lead developer Jason Donenfeld announced the release of WireGuard for macOS on Saturday along with the cooperation of other developers. This macOS port is built from the same sources as their iOS app and integrates into Apple’s networking stack.

In the announcement about WireGuard for macOS, Donenfeld commented that the Windows client is still on its way but is taking a while due to writing a new TUN driver for Windows 7 and newer. This new driver should be safer and faster than the current OpenVPN TUN driver for Windows.

On the Linux kernel front for the long-awaited mainlining of the WireGuard kernel bits, there is unfortunately nothing new to report. It doesn’t look like WireGuard will be merged for Linux 5.1 as the code has yet to be staged in net-next. When I asked Donenfeld about it on Saturday, he said he expects to have a new revision of those patches available for review soon and that work is happening behind the scenes.

Those unfamiliar with this very promising, open-source secure VPN tunnel software can learn more at WireGuard.com.