Wine Staging 4.10 Adds EXT4 Case Insensitive Support


Following Monday’s release of Wine 4.10, Wine-Staging 4.10 is now available as the latest work on this bleeding-edge / testing version of Wine for running Windows applications and games on Linux and other platforms.

Wine-Staging 4.10 is still riding with more than eight-hundred patches re-based to the latest upstream Wine code, but at least over the past two weeks some BCrypt patches made their way upstream. Wine-Staging 4.10 is also riding a bit smaller with dropping the patch that allowed DirectX 10 support for the legacy NVIDIA Linux driver, instead users wanting DX10 on the legacy driver are suggested to switch over to the Nouveau open-source driver.

Most exciting with Wine-Staging 4.10 is creating the Wine C drive with case-insensitive EXT4 support when using the Linux 5.2 kernel and newer. This fixes up some compatibility issues while also possible performance gains though the actual performance benefits over Wine’s internal case-insensitive handling has yet to be compared. This only affects users creating a new Wine drive with the Wine case-insensitive flag needing to be set from an empty directory. Obviously for those on pre-5.2 kernels or not using EXT4 will see Wine’s traditional case insensitive filename/folder handling.

Wine-Staging 4.10 also has a DInput handling fix for joysticks in some games.

All of the flavors of Wine can be downloaded from