Vulkan 1.1.98 Brings A Dozen Fixes


Last weekend there was the Vulkan 1.1.97 specification update with five new extensions including some notable ones like memory priority and buffer device address while out today is the much more mundane Vulkan 1.1.98.

The Vulkan 1.1.98 update doesn’t feature any new extensions but has some basic fixes and clarifications to this graphics/compute API specification and associated documentation. Of the roughly dozen changes, no real standouts but just lots of ongoing improvements.

The Vulkan 1.1.98 fixes are outlined by this Git commit.

It’s just over two months until the annual Game Developers’ Conference takes place. It was at GDC 2018 where Vulkan 1.1 was introduced but remains to be seen if they happen to have any major updates of Vulkan planned for this year. Recent features like transform feedback, the new memory extensions, and others gracefully come down as extensions in point releases. We also know that there is work on a OpenCL-Vulkan interop extension but presumably will jive just fine without any core changes. So it’s tough to think of any breaking changes they may have or reasons to warrant say Vulkan 1.2 coming up at GDC. But at least we expect them to have a GDC showing for OpenXR and their other initiatives.