Unigine 2.8 Brings Better Vegetation, Improved Asynchronous Data Streaming


While there are no major games currently shipping that make use of the Unigine 2 engine, the company appears to be seeing great success in the industrial simulation space as they keep making great strides in features for their cross-platform engine. Unigine 2.8 was released this week as the newest feature release.

Unigine 2.8 brings improved asynchronous data streaming, cached shadows optimization work, various shadow improvements, better FPS stabilization functionality, improved vegetation, better subsurface scattering, interleaved lights rendering, and multiple other rendering improvements.

For developers, Unigine 2.8 also brings better performance profiling support, a refactored editor, and other development improvements.

More details on Unigine 2.8 via the Unigine DevLog.