Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 Released With Better Stability, OTA-10 To Bring Mir 1.1 + Unity 8


The UBports community has released Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 as the newest release of Ubuntu for tablets/smartphones.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 development was principally focused on improving the stability of the stack. There’s also been some artwork improvements, Nexus 5 camera fixes, and various fixes throughout.

Moving forward, the developers are hoping Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 to be the big update where they are able to introduce Mir 1.1 and the very latest Unity 8 version. The Mir 1.1 and Unity 8 update is still in flux and as such there isn’t any firm schedule around OTA-10 but this long desired objective is what they plan to achieve for the next cycle.

More details on Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 via UBports.com.