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The Russian security firm Doctor Web has discovered two trojan programs that target Linux machines. One Trojan turns Raspberry Pi machines into a cryptocurrency mining device, and the other runs a proxy server on Linux systems.

The Trojan named Linux.MulDrop.14 targets Raspberry Pi devices, changing the password on the devices it infects, then unpacking and launching a miner, which, in an infinite loop, starts searching for network nodes with an open port 22 to replicate itself.

According to Doctor Web, “The Trojan is a script that contains a compressed and encrypted application designed to mine cryptocurrency.”

The second Trojan, dubbed Linux.ProxyM, uses a special range of methods to detect honeypots – special decoy servers used by digital security specialists to examine malicious software.

“Once launched, it connects to its command and control server and, after getting confirmation from it, runs a SOCKS proxy server on the infected device. Cybercriminals can use this Trojan to ensure that they remain anonymous online,” noted Doctor Web.

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