The Rust Vulkan “Gfx-rs” Portability Layer Can Now Run vkQuake3


The Rust-written gfx-rs portability initiative that has similar goals to MoltenVK for allowing the Vulkan API to be supported/translated on non-native platforms can now run the Vulkan-ized Quake game.

Gfx-rs is of interest to Mozilla and other parties for helping Vulkan see well-rounded platform support on platforms like macOS where it means having to translate calls to use Apple’s Metal API. The goals are similar to MoltenVK except it’s implemented in the Rust programming language and serving more as a graphics abstraction library rather than just focusing on macOS/iOS support.

With today’s update there are new patches needed to get vkQuake3 running on gfx-rs, the open-source Quake game ported from OpenGL to Vulkan. In this case, vkQuake3 is now running on Apple’s Metal API. There is also better support for the Diligent Engine with this release.