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Wine 6.14 Implements More 32-bit To 64-bit Thunks, Updated Mono


Wine developers have popped open a new bi-weekly development snapshot of this software that allows Windows games/applications to run on Linux and macOS along with being what powers Valve’s Steam Play (Proton) and CodeWeavers’ CrossOver.

Wine 6.14 is this latest development snapshot for enjoying Windows applications and game support under Linux. With Wine 6.14 their integrated Mono engine is updated against Mono 6.3, more 32-bit to 64-bit thunks have been implemented in the WOW64 DLL, there is continued preparations around GDI system call support, and various bug fixes.

There are 30 known bug fixes with Wine 6.14 including for games like Star Citizen, Dead Rising, GTA V and Eve Online to applications like Autodesk 3dx Max and Microsoft Xbox Live Developer Tool.

More details on the Wine 6.14 changes in full via WineHQ.org.

Proposed Reflink Support Would Provide Big Space Savings For Wine


When sticking to Wine recommendations of maintaining separate prefixes per-application, a lot of system files get duplicated for each game/application and in turn leading to significant bloat. With the current state of Wine it can mean hundreds of megabytes per prefix in duplicated files. But proposed reflink patches for Wine are aiming to cut down on this severe bloat.

Developer Alex Xu sent out a set of patches today that would implement Reflink support within Wine. Alex explained, “ With a MinGW build of Wine without Mono or Gecko, new 32-bit prefixes are over 150 MB, and new 64-bit prefixes are over 300 MB. The vast majority of these files are byte-for-byte identical to Wine’s central DLL copies…When reflink is supported by the underlying filesystem, new Wine prefix sizes with Mono and Gecko disabled are reduced to less than 1 MB. The resulting Wine prefix is byte-for-byte identical to one created without reflink, but occupies less space on disk.

Reflinks are currently supported by Btrfs, XFS, and others but notably not supporting it is EXT4. Reflinks are used rather than hard/symbolic links since cases like Winetricks modifying a given Wine prefix would in turn modify the original copy used by the other prefixes while reflinks will still allow for independence between the prefixes.

So with these proposed 4 patches providing the Reflink support, Wine prefix size could drop from 150~300+ MB per prefix down to 1MB or less, assuming you are on a supported file-system, which will quickly add up if installing/managing many Windows games or applications on your system.

Wine 6.11 Released With Theming Support For All Built-In Programs


Wine 6.11 is out as the latest bi-weekly development snapshot for running an increasing number of Windows applications and games on Linux.

Wine 6.11 now has theming support for all of its built-in programs thanks to some recent COMCTL32 theme improvements, all remaining CRT math functions have been imported from Musl libc, and Unicode support for the 720 codepage in handling Arabic / Farsi / Urdu.

Wine 6.11 has 33 known bug fixes ranging from fixing a Microsoft Excel 2007 issue to a Starcraft 2 64-bit issue to various other game and application fixes.

Overall Wine 6.11 is another fairly small summer time development release. The full list of patches and fixes making up this two week release can be found over on WineHQ.org.

WineD3D Vulkan Back-End Is Back In The Works Following Wine 5.0


One of the features that didn’t materialize in time for Wine 5.0 as the annual stable Wine release was the work-in-progress Vulkan back-end to WineD3D. Rather than going from Direct3D to OpenGL as WineD3D currently does, there has been efforts to introduce a Vulkan back-end similar to the likes of DXVK.

The WineD3D Vulkan back-end just began forming in 2019 via CodeWeavers developers. This is at the same time the Wine developers have been working on VKD3D as their solution for Direct3D 12 over Vulkan albeit developed outside of the Wine code-base.

During 2019 was early work on Vulkan support in WineD3D but nothing that approached a usability state in time for Wine 5.0. But now with Wine 5.0 out of the way and back to feature work on the bi-weekly development snapshots, there has been some new code.

Landing on Friday were several WineD3D commits around Vulkan including buffer creation and the mapping of Vulkan buffers, and passing OpenGL information onto the appropriate new data structures.

Hopefully this is just the start and ideally by this time next year with Wine 6.0 we’ll see not only WineD3D Vulkan working but also VKD3D for offering good Direct3D-12-over-Vulkan support for running modern Windows games on Linux.

Wine 5.0-RC4 Released With The Stable Update Expected Later This Month


While complicated by New Year’s festivities, Wine 5.0-RC4 was released today with just fifteen bug fixes for the week — also a sign of the development cycle winding down for this annual Wine stable release.

Wine 5.0-RC4 has just 15 fixes including for bugs affecting Adobe Photoshop CS5, audio CD detection with multiple applications, Pokemon Reborn, and various games. Most of the fixes are fairly mundane making Wine 5.0-RC4 quite a small release unless by chance you were impacted by one of these fifteen bugs.

The bugs fixed this week can be found on WineHQ.org.

Wine 5.0.0 is anticipated for release currently in the second half of January.