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Tech Skills Employers Want Now: More Than Development

IT professionals always want to know which skills employers are looking for. They understand that the technology field is changing all the time, so they need to keep their abilities up to date if they want to remain marketable.

The online job posting sites don’t provide a complete picture of the IT job market, but they can provide interesting insight into which skills are trending up or down. Indeed.com recently provided Network Computing with two separate reports about hot IT job skills. The research illustrates how organizations look for different skills depending on whether they are writing job postings or are doing a resume search.

The list below ranks the skills that have recently appeared in job postings on Indeed.com. In other words, these are the capabilities that employers are requesting when they upload listings to the job board:

1. Java

2. Agile

3. JavaScript

4. .NET


6. Python

7. CSS

8. Amazon Web Services

9. C or C++

10. Git

(To compile this list, Indeed calculated the percentage of tech job postings which contain the above skills from October 2017 to April 2018 and ranked those skills in order by % of job postings in which they occur.)

So what do these skills have in common?

Almost all of them are development skills. Seven are programming languages, and Agile and Git are also related to development —   Agile because it is a development methodology and Git because it is a source code version control system. And while you could argue that IT infrastructure professionals might need to know JavaScript, .NET, or Python to do their jobs, really only one skill on that list — Amazon Web Services — is clearly related to infrastructure.

However, a second list Indeed provided to Network Computing told a slightly different story. The table below includes a rank of search terms typed into Indeed’s resume search engine. In other words, when employers go looking for someone to fill a role, these are the skills  they are looking for.


Search Term

# of resume searches per 1m total


Java developer






UI developer



Software engineer



Network engineer



.net developer






DevOps engineer



Web developer






For this list, Indeed calculated the share of searches (per 1 million total) per search phrase in its Resume search engine from November 2017 through January 2018

Clearly, development skills are still highly in demand, but network engineers, which weren’t represented on the other list at all, are way up in fifth place. And DevOps engineers, infrastructure professionals who are knowledgeable in DevOps approaches, came in eighth.

These lists only provide a brief snapshot of the tech job market at a given point in time. However, they do seem to indicate that for infrastructure professionals looking to improve their skills, classes in networking and DevOps might be the way to go.

And if you’re on a job search site and it seems like all the job postings are for developers and software engineers, don’t get discouraged. Even though they might not be placing as many ads for IT infrastructure pros, employers might still be looking for you.

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6 Hot Tech Trends That Will Impact the Enterprise in 2018

The start of a new year always brings a flood of forecasts from technology pundits for what might happen in the next 12 months. For some reason, 2018 triggered even more prognostications from tech experts than usual. We received dozens of predictions for networking, storage, and data center trends that IT pros should expect to see this year.

After sorting through them, we noticed a pattern: many experts predict more of the same.  The trends and hot technologies from 2017 such as machine learning and automation will continue to influence IT infrastructure into 2018, but the pace and intensity of innovation and adoption seems likely to increase.

“It’s no secret that AI and machine learning are driving a lot of the innovation across the various ecosystems and technology domains that IT cares about,” Rohit Mehra, program VP of network infrastructure at IDC, said in a webcast on the firm’s 2018 predictions for worldwide enterprise infrastructure.

In fact, the rapid incorporation of AI into the workplace will mean that by 2021, more than half of enterprise infrastructure will use some form of cognitive and artificial intelligence to improve productivity, manage risk, and reduce costs, according to IDC.  

To be sure, 2018 will another year of rapid change for IT infrastructure. Read ahead for six key tech trends that infrastructure pros should keep an eye on in the months ahead.

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8 Tech Books for Winter Reading

With the official start of winter fast approaching, the cold, short days already have many hunkering down and focused on indoor activities. The weather is perfect for curling up in front of a fire with a book. For IT pros, it’s a great time to expand their knowledge by catching up on some of the latest tech books.

Our collection covers some of the hottest topics in the technology industry today, including cloud infrastructure, containers, and cybersecurity. You’ll also find a book about problem solving in modern networks by well-known experts Russ White and Ethan Banks, and even a graphic novel. Mostly all recent releases, these tech books are essentially hot off the press.

Today, more than ever, IT pros need to keep up with rapidly evolving technology trends. Enterprise adoption of cloud, software-defined technologies, and automation are breaking down traditional IT silos, so it’s a good idea to learn about technologies outside your usual realm. What better time than now, especially if you have some downtime during the holidays? Maybe you can even put some gift cards to good use by stocking up on tech books that can broaden your horizons.

Read ahead for some ideas of what to read during the chilly months ahead.

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Packet Blast: Top Tech Blogs, June 2

We collect the top expert content in the infrastructure industry and fire it along the priority queue.

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