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CentOS In Your Car? Automotive SIG Approved


The newest special interest group (SIG) approved by the CentOS Board of Directors is around the automotive space for in-vehicle automotive use-cases.

The CentOS Automotive SIG is backed by Red Hat and appears to be more about having an open-source home for the company’s automotive Linux efforts rather than directly pushing for CentOS within automobiles. Red Hat has been investing into in-vehicle infotainment and other efforts around Red Hat Enterprise Linux within automobiles. The CentOS Automotive SIG in turn would help drive this.

The CentOS Automotive SIG page explains, “The purpose of the Automotive SIG is two-fold. First, it is meant to be a neutral public space for collaboration between third parties interested in open development of software targeted at in-vehicle automotive use cases. Second, it is meant to provide such projects with build and test infrastructure. The goal of the SIG is to provide an open-source home for RHEL-oriented automotive work, and to attract and encourage open development of automotive software between commercial and non-commercial partners.

The CentOS Automotive SIG will work on creating open-source software around automotive, incorporating upstream automotive open-source projects, and building a CentOS variant for automotive based on RHEL for Edge.

More of the initial plans around the Red Hat backed CentOS Automotive SIG can be found via the CentOS Wiki. The CentOS Board of Directors gave the official go-ahead for this special interest group during their meeting last week.