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CrossOver 18.5 Released – Based On Wine 4.0 While Pulling In FAudio


CodeWeavers, the main sponsor/contributor to the Wine project, announced the release today of their commercial CrossOver 18.5 software for more easily running Windows games and applications on Linux and macOS.

CrossOver 18.5 has been re-based to using the recent stable release of Wine 4.0. On top of the upstream Wine 4.0 they have pulled in the more recent FAudio patches for a better XAudio2 implementation. CrossOver 18.5 also ships with fixes to address problems in Microsoft Office 2010, CrossOver on Linux now supports the latest Microsoft Office 365, and there is also preliminary Linux support for Microsoft OneNote 2016.

More details on the CrossOver 18.5 release can be found via the CodeWeavers’ Forums.

NVIDIA 418.56 Linux Driver Released With GeForce MX230 / MX250 Support


Out for GDC week is the NVIDIA 418.56 Linux driver as the latest stable update to their current long-lived driver release branch.

New hardware support with the NVIDIA 418.56 Linux driver is support for the GeForce MX230 and MX250.

This stable driver update also updates NVIDIA-Settings to disable line wrapping when outputting to a non-terminal in CLI mode, better G-SYNC reporting, a Vulkan application lock-up fix when PRIME is enabled, and the driver now restricts GPU performance counters to system administrators by default.

More details on the NVIDIA 418.56 Linux driver release via devtalk.nvidia.com.

Gnome 3.32 Released » Linux Magazine

The Gnome community has announced the release of Gnome 3.32. The release incorporates 26438 changes (made by approximately 798 contributors) including new features improvements and performance enhancements.

Gnome users will be greeted with a refreshed visual style for the user interface and icons. Gnome 3.32 brings supports for fractional scaling feature as an experimental option, which will satisfy those users who have HiDPI monitors.

To streamline the user experience across apps, Gnome has removed the ‘application menu’ and moved its contents to a primary menu located within the application window.

While there are popular Chromium and Firefox web browsers, Gnome also offers its own web browser called Web. Gnome’s browser now comes with an automation mode, which allows users to control web applications using WebDriver. Talking about control, Gnome has improved Touchpad support. It’s not on par with macOS, but users can swipe left or right to go back or forward through browsing history.

Gnome 3.32 has improved security. The Settings tools feature a new panel called Application that offers permissions control for various applications, including installed Flatpak. Gnome Software (applications manager for Gnome) has improved handling for apps available from multiple sources, including distribution repositories and Flatpak.

Arch and Gentoo users can already test Gnome 3.32, openSUSE Tumbleweed is also expected to get the update soon.

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Mesa 18.3.5 Released With Intel/Radeon Vulkan Driver Fixes


The Mesa 18.3 series will soon be winding down with the Mesa 19.0 release now stable since last week, but out today is 18.3.5 as the latest update.

Mesa 18.3.5 is made up of more than two dozen changes that primarily amount to various Intel ANV and Radeon RADV Vulkan driver fixes. Among the changes are RADV updating the list of ETC2 texture compression capable hardware, interpolating less aggressively with the Radeon Vulkan driver, an EGL fix for libdrm-less builds, ANV now advertising eight sub-pixel precision bits, adding the RadeonSI enable NIR DriConf option (as well as enabling it by default for Civilization VI), and a range of other mostly ANV/RADV fixes.

The complete list of Mesa 18.3.5 changes can be found via today’s release announcement.

Linux 5.1-rc1 Kernel Released After A “Fairly Normal” Merge Window


Linus Torvalds has just closed off the Linux 5.1 kernel merge window and issued 5.1-rc1 as the first test release.

Linux 5.1 was another busy merge window with the landing of a lot of patches from continued Intel Icelake enablement to Fastboot graphics by default to mainline Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ support to a lot of other new hardware support… See today’s Linux 5.1 feature overview for our original report on all the interesting material in this next version of the Linux kernel.

If all goes well with the release candidates over the weeks ahead, Linux 5.1 should be officially released by the middle of May at which point the cycle repeats with the kicking off of the Linux 5.2 merge window.

Of the past two weeks in landing new code for Linux 5.1, Torvalds commented, “The merge window felt fairly normal to me. And looking at the stats, nothing really odd stands out either. It’s a regular sized release (which obviously means “big” – , but it’s not bigger than usual) and the bulk of it (just over 60%) is drivers. All kinds of drivers, the one that stands out for being different is the habanalabs AI accelerator chip driver, but I suspect we’ll be starting to see more of that kind of stuff. But there are all the usual suspects too – gpu, networking, block devices etc etc.

Stay tuned for the start of Linux 5.1 kernel benchmarks to trickle in beginning in the next week or so.