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AMDGPU/AMDKFD Queue Up Early Linux 5.3 Fixes For Navi & More


While the Linux 5.3 kernel merge window isn’t even over until this weekend when it will kick off with 5.3-rc1 and headlining new features like Radeon RX 5700 series support, AMD has already sent in a batch of AMDGPU/AMDKFD fixes. Making these fixes notable are some early fixes around the new open-source Radeon RX “Navi” support.

Navi fixes included as part of this batch are Display Core (DC) fixes around secondary adapters, flickering with high resolution panels, and SMU fixes.

Also included as part of this pull request are SMU fixes for Vega 20, audio hot-plug fixes, addressing possible integer overflows on large buffer migrations, an AMDKFD possible hang during eviction, and various other small fixes.

The complete list of AMDGPU/AMDKFD fixes for Linux 5.3 at this point can be found here.

See the massive DRM pull request for all the new AMD graphics features that landed in the mainline kernel last week for the 5.3 new material work.

It’s looking at this stage like next week should pan out well for fresh AMDGPU Linux 5.3 + Mesa 19.2-devel Git / AMDVLK testing with the kernel, RadeonSI, RADV, and AMDVLK components all beginning to settle down from their new Navi support for the exciting Radeon RX 5700 and RX 5700XT products. Benchmarks ahead!

Kodi 18.3 Adds DTS-HD Audio Track Support To Its Music Player, Various Fixes


For fans of the Kodi project for providing the flagship open-source HTPC experience, Kodi 18.3 is out today as the newest maintenance update.

Being a point release to Kodi 18 Leia, it’s not focused on new features with that development heading towards Kodi 19. Though new to Kodi 18.3 is support for DTS-HD audio tracks within the music component (though not incredibly common), Estuary has added a search button to the side menu in select windows, and the rest of the changes are made up of various fixes.

More details on Kodi 18.3 Leia via Kodi.tv.

Mesa 19.1.1 Is Coming Next Week With A Variety Of Fixes


Debuting two weeks ago was the Mesa 19.1 quarterly feature update while due out early next week is the first bug-fix point release.

Mesa 19.1 is a huge update over 19.0 and earlier. Mesa 19.1 brought multiple new Gallium3D drivers as well as a new Vulkan driver (TURNIP), performance optimizations, new Vulkan extensions, mature Icelake support, and a variety of other features as listed in the aforelinked article.

Mesa 19.1.1 is now coming with more than two dozen fixes. The changes in Mesa 19.1.1 include several RADV Vulkan driver fixes ranging from Meson build fixes to Vega M fixes and other random work. There is also a number of smaller fixes touching Intel Iris, GLX, V3D, GLSL, and other areas.

For those still using the R300 Gallium3D driver for ATI/AMD R300 through R500 (Radeon X1000 series) hardware, there is a fix for the years old performance regression.

If all goes well, Mesa 19.1.1 will be officially released on Tuesday while out now for testing is the release candidate.

FreeBSD 11.3 Release Candidate Brings Different Fixes

BSD --

FreeBSD 11.3 is lining up for release in July while this weekend the first release candidate is available for testing.

Following the weekly betas the past few weeks, the first RC is out. FreeBSD 11.3 has brought Bhyve updates, the latest CPU vulnerability mitigations like Zombieload/MDS, driver updates, hardware support improvements, and a random collection of other fixes/enhancements for those still on the FreeBSD 11 series.

With Friday’s FreeBSD 11.3-RC1 release there is a fix to the Mellanox driver, an ipfilter fix, miscellaneous USB fixes, ZFSboot fixes, a system panic has been resolved, and other fixes.

If all goes well FreeBSD 11.3 will be out by mid-July (9 July is their current target) while this weekend you can help ensure it’s a successful milestone by testing RC1.

Proton 4.2-6 Brings DXVK 1.2.1 Rebuild, Updated FAudio, Other Fixes


The folks maintaining Proton as Valve’s flavor of Wine for use by Steam Play for running Windows games on Linux just released Proton 4.2-6.

Proton 4.2-6 remains based on upstream Wine 4.2 but with this newest update it continues the trend of improving the Steam Networking API support. The latest benefactor of the Steam Networking API work is correcting multiplayer functionality for A Hat In Time.

The Proton 4.2-6 update also rebuilds DXVK 1.2.1 under a newer compiler release that should particularly help with 32-bit games performing better, FAudio 19.06 is now included with its latest additions, fixes for games in non-English locales, controller rumble is working for more games, and there are also font rendering improvements.

Those are the official changes as part of tonight’s Proton 4.2-6 update.