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Linux 4.20-rc7 Kernel Released – Linux 4.20 Should Be Released In Time For Christmas


Linus Torvalds has released the seventh weekly release candidate of the Linux 4.20 kernel.

Over the past week, Linux 4.20 has picked up a number of fixes as well as more AMDGPU fixes, new Vega 10 and Vega 20 PCI IDs, and an assortment of other fixes.

In announcing “Linux 4.20–rc76”, Linus Torvalds commented, “This is a *tiny* rc7, just how I like it. Maybe it’s because everybody is too busy prepping for the holidays, and maybe it’s because we simply are doing well. Regardless, it’s been a quiet week, and I hope the trend continues. The patch looks pretty small too, although it’s skewed by a couple of bigger fixes (re-apply i915 workarounds after reset, and dm zoned bio completion fix). Other than that it’s mainly all pretty small, and spread out (usual bulk of drivers, but some arch updates, filesystem fixes, core fixes, test updates..)”

There are many new features of Linux 4.20 and overall shaping up to be a great kernel release.

If all goes well, Linux 4.20.0 will be released next weekend — just ahead of Christmas — followed by the opening of the Linux 4.21 merge window. Linux 4.21 will then begin its release cycle for debuting around the end of February or early March.