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Linux 4.20-RC4 Released As The “Shy Crocodile”


Linus Torvalds has announced the fourth weekly test release of the in-development Linux 4.20 kernel.

Being well past the Linux 4.20 merge window, there isn’t too much to get excited about with RC4 in particular but Linux 4.20 does have a lot of new and improved functionality.

Linux 4.20-RC4 doesn’t have a workaround for the STIBP situation yet but it’s certainly coming and wouldn’t be surprised if it’s merged this week ahead of RC5.

About the only change/fix worth noting for end-users on Linux 4.20-RC4 is reverting the Logitech high resolution scrolling support as it regressed support for some existing input hardware. Hopefully the revised solution will be ready in time for Linux 4.21.

With Linux 4.20-RC4, Linus Torvalds has changed from the Linux 4.19 “People’s Front” codename to instead codenaming this kernel the Shy Crocodile.

Linux 4.20 should be officially released at the very end of December or in early January while at this stage the activity is looking normal according to Linus.