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QEMU 4.0-RC1 Released – Packing Many Arm Improvements, EDID, Faster Crypto


QEMU 4.0-RC1 was released today as the second test release for this forthcoming feature update to this important component of the open-source Linux virtualization stack.

QEMU 4.0 has been a very busy cycle with working on EDID display support, support for many new Arm extensions, new MIPS CPU support, several additions on the RISC-V open-source processor ISA front, the x86 HAX accelerator now works for non-Darwin POSIX hosts like Linux and NetBSD, TPM enhancements, multiple threads for encryption/description with block storage encryption back-ends, TCG code generation improvements, and a range of other improvements.

More details on the dozens of changes coming with QEMU 4.0 are outlined via the project Wiki.

QEMU 4.0 is expected to see at least two more release candidates before likely seeing the stable release by the end of April.

More details on QEMU 4.0-RC1 are available via the release announcement.