How Digital Transformation Compromises and Corrects Corporate Security | IT Infrastructure Advice, Discussion, Community

Digital transformation – is it a risk or an advantage? A threat or a benefit? Many companies are eschewing the practice, believing that it’s more secure to remain offline in a paper-laden environment that’s comfortable and predictable. Other companies embrace the change with fervor, looking to drive growth and improve performance by taking advantage of new technologies as they are released. Both sides hold merit.

A 2018 survey reported that 67% of respondents had entered the digital transformation […] Continue Reading…

Debian Linux 10 ‘Buster’ Places Stability Ahead of Excitement | Reviews

By Jack M. Germain
Jul 12, 2019 5:00 AM PT

After 25 months of development, the makers of the granddaddy of the Linux OSes released an upgrade that updates many of the software packages and plays general catch-up with modern Linux trends.
Debian Linux 10 Buster, released July 9, is a boring upgrade. It does little to draw attention to its merits.
For serious Linux users, though, boring can be endearing. It reinforces Debian’s reliability and ultimate stability. Debian by design […] Continue Reading…

Wayland’s Weston Gets Option To Enable HDCP Support Per-Output

An Intel open-source developer contributed support to Wayland’s reference Weston compositor for enabling HDCP support on a per-output basis using a new allow_hdcp option.
From the weston.ini configuration file, High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection can be enabled per-output via the “allow_hdcp” option within each output section. HDCP otherwise is always enabled by default for the display outputs. The support that made it into Weston’s development code this week is for easily being able to toggle it via the Weston configuration file. […] Continue Reading…

Database Deployments Moving to the Cloud | IT Infrastructure Advice, Discussion, Community

The days of deploying on-premises databases appear to be in the rearview mirror, or rapidly heading there. Microsoft and Amazon Web Services account for 75.5% of the market growth.
If you are a startup company looking to implement a new database, chances are you aren’t going to license the software and install it on the server in your office. No, you will look at what AWS or Microsoft Azure has to offer, or maybe you will look at […] Continue Reading…

Install Leafpad on Ubuntu 19.04

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Leafpad is an open source text editor for Linux, BSD, and Maemo. Created with the focus of being a lightweight text editor with minimal dependencies, it is designed to be simple and easy-to-compile. Leafpad is the default text editor for LXDE Desktop environment.
Leafpad Features
Leafpad’s features include a codeset option, auto codeset detection, an unlimited Undo/Redo feature and drag and drop capabilities.Leafpad has a small footprint compared to editors such as gedit or Kate.
Install Leafpad on Ubuntu 19.04
Leafpad […] Continue Reading…