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Internet of Things (IoT) networks are popping up just about everywhere, allowing business, industrial and home users to control and/or monitor a wide range of smart devices. As with any network technology, speed and responsiveness are essential for accurate and reliable IoT device operation. While reaching these goals can be elusive, the following five tips should help you establish an IoT network that always operates at or near peak performance.

1. Move to the edge

The best way to improve […] Continue Reading…

Mesa 19.2 Is Just Six Patches Away From Seeing OpenGL 4.6 Support

Later this month marks two years since the release of OpenGL 4.6 and just ahead of that date it looks like Mesa could finally land its complete GL 4.6 implementation, at least as far as the Intel open-source graphics driver support is concerned.
Mesa is now just six patches away from OpenGL 4.6! Following recent SPIR-V patches being merged, there are just five patches left plus the sixth that updates the documentation and flips on OpenGL 4.6 for the […] Continue Reading…

Mageia 7.1 Released With Systemd Fix For AMD Ryzen 3000 Systems

While Mageia 7 released at the start of July for this Mandrake/Mandriva-derived Linux distribution, out today is already Mageia 7.1 as a rush release to fix AMD Zen 2 support.
Mageia 7.1’s principal change is a patched version of systemd to workaround the RdRand issue on AMD Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000 series) processors. AMD has fixed the issue with a BIOS update that at the end of last week they released to their motherboard partners though it could still be […] Continue Reading…

Interop 2019 Fireside Chat: Revamping IT Infrastructure After a Merger

Interop 2019 Fireside Chat: Revamping IT Infrastructure After a Merger

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Linux 5.3’s ASUS WMI Driver Add ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop Support & More

The x86 platform driver updates were sent in and already merged for the ongoing Linux 5.3 kernel. It’s the x86 platform driver updates that bring the recently mentioned Intel Speed Select Technology for Linux driver but there is also more.
Beyond the interesting Intel Speed Select support, the ASUS WMI driver has gone through a refactoring in order to support ASUS’ TUF Gaming laptops. In the process, there’s even been a regression fix for once popular Eee PC laptop […] Continue Reading…