Linux strace Command Tutorial for Beginners (8 Examples) |

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Keeping the Software in Docker Containers Up to Date |

Docker has radically changed the way admins roll out their software in many companies. However, regular updates are still needed. How does this work most effectively with containers?
From an admin’s point of view, Docker containers have much to recommend them: They can be operated with reduced permissions and thus provide a barrier between a service and the underlying operating system. They are easy to handle and easy to replace. They save work when it comes to maintaining the […] Continue Reading…

Antergos Softens Arch Learning Curve | Reviews

By Jack M. Germain
Oct 3, 2018 10:44 AM PT

Antergos 8.9, released last month, is one of the better Arch Linux options. It is a powerful and modern computing platform, elegantly designed. It gives power users almost all they could desire.
Arch distros are not for Linux newcomers — but for seasoned Linux users who are new to Arch, Antergos has much to offer.
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Software Security Best Practices Are Changing, Finds New Report | Software

Independent software vendors, along with Internet of Things and cloud vendors, are involved in a market transformation that is making them look more alike. The similarities are evident in the way they approach software security initiatives, according to a report from
Synopsys on Tuesday released its ninth annual Building Security in Maturity Model, or BSIMM9. The BSIMM project provides a de facto standard for assessing and then improving software security initiatives, the company said.
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Debian, Ubuntu, and Other Distros are Leaving U… » Linux Magazine

Linux is known for a rapid response on fixing problems with the kernel, but the individual distros often take their time with pushing changes to users. Now, one of the researchers for Google Project Zero, Jann Horn, is warning that major distros like Debian and Ubuntu are leaving their users vulnerable.“Linux distributions often don’t publish distribution kernel updates very frequently. For example, Debian stable ships a kernel based on 4.9, but as of 2018-09-26, […] Continue Reading…