Wine 4.2 Released With Unicode String Normalization & ECC Crypto Key Support

The second bi-weekly development release following last month’s stable debut of Wine 4.0 is now available for testing.
Wine 4.2 was just release and adds Unicode string normalization support, support for ECC cryptographic keys, support for mixing 32/64-bit DLLs in the load path, futex-based implementations of more synchronization primitives, and the usual smothering of bug fixes. There are 60 known bug fixes over the past two weeks including fixing of “bad” performance for Source Engine games, many Valgrind memory leak […] Continue Reading…

Redcore Linux Gives Gentoo a Nice Facelift | Reviews

By Jack M. Germain
Feb 15, 2019 5:00 AM PT

Working with the Linux operating system offers a never-ending series of alternatives. One of the greatest benefits of using the Linux desktop is that you are never at risk of vendor lock-in or of being stranded if your chosen distro flavor suddenly sours.
Redcore Linux, for example. Redcore is not a household name among typical Linux users. Neither was its predecessor, Kogaion Linux.
Redcore Linux is based on Gentoo Linux, and […] Continue Reading…

Networking Tool Comics! |

I LOVE computer networking (it’s what I spent a big chunk of the last few years at work doing), but getting started with all the tools was originally a little tricky! For example – what if you have the IP address of a server and you want to make a https connection to it and check that it has a valid certificate? But you haven’t changed DNS to resolve to that server yet (because you don’t know if […] Continue Reading…

The Scourge of Global Internet Outages Continues | IT Infrastructure Advice, Discussion, Community

Last year, it seemed that nobody escaped the onslaught of outages. Google, Comcast, Route 53, AWS, GitHub, DE-CIX—one by one, these outages reduced the number of services available to users.
Major outages for the year included:
February 22: Multiple global financial trading sites reported outages or slowdowns on the Dow’s worst daily point drop to date.
March 1: GitHub weathered a massive DDoS attack that not only disrupted its service, but also caused collateral damage to other services.
March 2: […] Continue Reading…

Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS Now Available With The New HWE Stack

Following a small delay, Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS is now available as the latest point release to the Bionic Beaver for a Valentine’s Day debut.
This update to the long-term support Ubuntu 18.04 is notable in that it provides the new “HWE” hardware enablement stack that is back-ported from Ubuntu 18.10. This provides the newer Linux 4.18 kernel (rather than Linux 4.15) to offer better hardware support and other new kernel features. Plus there is the updated Mesa and other […] Continue Reading…