NetBSD Working On DRM ioctl Support, Eventually To Allow Steam On Linux Gaming Support

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In addition to better Wine support on NetBSD thanks to Google Summer of Code 2019, another student developer has been working on DRM ioctl support including when running their Linux emulation packages. Ultimately the hope is they can run the Steam Linux binary on NetBSD to enjoy gaming with DRM+Mesa.

Student developer Surya P has been working on this DRM ioctl support for the NetBSD kernel, both for native calls and through their Linux emulation layer. Progress is being made and currently they are working on getting their openSUSE 13.1 packages and hardware rendering from emulation to work.

Once all the key functionality is in place, the student will be focusing on Steam support and its dependencies. If all goes well, that could vastly improve NetBSD gaming prospects this year and jives nicely with their Wine support improvements too.

More details over on the NetBSD blog.