More Benchmarks Of The Improved Linux Performance With Glibc 2.29

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Yesterday I posted some initial benchmarks looking at the performance improvements with Glibc 2.29, the newest feature release of the GNU C Library. Here are more benchmarks on eight different systems using Glibc 2.29 on Clear linux.

With Clear Linux being the first distribution with Glibc 2.29 readily available, here are more performance tests of this rolling-release distribution before/after the Glibc 2.29 upgrade on an assortment of eight different Intel systems of varying generations.

All of the benchmarks, of course, carried out via the Phoronix Test Suite. This round-up of data is complementary to yesterday’s article.

With the FLAC and LAME MP3 encoding performance, which also improved in yesterday’s tests with the Core i9 7980XE, that appears to be as a result of AVX-512 optimizations based upon this data set… The Xeon Silver 4108 used in the testing does support AVX-512 and these single-threaded audio encoding tests seem to do a lot better in this case with Glibc 2.29 over Glibc 2.28.

Across the board improvements were found with the R benchmark, the statistical computing language.

Some operations with the Glibc micro-benchmarks like the square root function were faster on Glibc 2.29.

Another real-world test translating to performance improvements across the board was SciKit-Learn.

If you didn’t yet read yesterday’s article, be sure to see those Glibc 2.29 benchmarks for additional tests.