Mesa 19.1 Adds Workaround For Epic Games Launcher With OpenGL


The latest change merged for Mesa 19.1 is a workaround so the Epic Games’ game launch correctly renders when using OpenGL.

It turns out that the Epic Games Launcher, which is Windows-only at least for now, relies upon an OpenGL 4.4 core context but uses deprecated OpenGL functionality. Technically the software shouldn’t be using a core context but rather compatibility context if it needs to use deprecated GL functionality.

But the NVIDIA Linux driver will still cooperate and presumably the Windows drivers in this invalid configuration. But the Mesa Intel i965 and RadeonSI Gallium3D drivers have instead had problems. The workaround in place for Mesa 19.1 is forcing an OpenGL compatibility context when “EpicGamesLauncher.exe” is encountered.

This change can be similarly made to the drirc configuration for existing Mesa releases should anyone be after getting a working Epic Games launcher under Wine/SteamPlay right now.

Mesa 19.1 should be released as stable around the end of May and for that to happen the feature development is being closed off next week.