LVFS Could Be Hosting 10k+ Firmware Files By End Of 2019


LVFS, the Linux Vendor Firmware Service, that pairs with Fwupd integration for offering firmware/BIOS updates to Linux users could be offering up more than ten thousand distinct firmware files before the end of the calendar year.

Richard Hughes of Red Hat who has been leading Fwupd/LVFS development has been quite busy as of late. In addition to courting more hardware vendors, eyeing the enterprise, becoming a Linux Foundation project, and hitting a goal of serving more than 500,000 firmware files to Linux users in a single month, this year they are on a trajectory to be offering more than ten thousand different firmware files.

Hughes noted in a mailing list post that they have grown from dozens of firmware files to thousand and “tens of thousands of files before the year is finished.”

That’s quite an ambitious goal and we’ll certainly be monitoring its progress. This goal was mentioned as part of some shell / user experience improvements to the LVFS given the growing number of firmware offerings.