LLVM / Clang 8.0 Likely To Be Released Around Early March


Ongoing LLVM release manager Hans Wennborg has laid out plans for releasing LLVM 8.0 and related sub-projects like Clang 8.0 in early March.

Under a proposal drafted on Monday and so far okay by other upstream developers, the LLVM 8.0.0 release would ship in the early days of March.

For that to happen, the branching / feature freeze would happen around 16 January followed by the start of at least two release candidates. The goal for the final tagging would be to take place on 27 February.

So far LLVM/Clang 8.0 has picked up Intel Cascade Lake support, continued AMDGPU back-end work, more work around C++20, mainline GNU Hurd toolchain support, per-function speculative load hardening, AMD Piledriver tuning, ARMv8.5 work, and other changes. And there’s still just over one month to go to see what other new feature work may still make it into this half-year compiler infrastructure update.