Linux 5.0-rc6 Released – Still On Track For A Normal Release


Linus Torvalds has just issued the sixth weekly release candidate for the upcoming Linux 5.0 kernel, which should debut as stable around the end of the month.

Linus commented of the Linux 5.0 progress over the past week as being “fairly normal” although it came in as bigger than he would have liked to see at this late stage.

Linus commented, “Networking (both drivers and core) is perhaps the most noticeable part, at roughly a quarter of the changes, but there’s a little bit of everything in there outside of that: other drivers (gpu, dma, iio, sound, usb, misc..), the usual architecture updates (arm, mips, x86, powerpc), along with a few filesystem and core kernel updates. And another batch of selftest updates.

While bigger than he would like, as of Linux 5.0-rc6 Linus still feels that this cycle is pointing “solidly on track for a normal release.” If all goes really well, we could see Linux 5.0 debut in two weeks otherwise three weeks from today.

Notable as part of the Linux 5.0-rc6 release are about two weeks worth of DRM fixes, including some FreeSync fixes.

See our Linux 5.0 feature overview to learn about all the changes and new features for this first major kernel release of 2019.