Linux 5.0-rc3 Kernel Released With Plenty Of Fixes Plus Nouveau RTX 2080 Ti Support


Linus Torvalds has released the third weekly release candidate for the upcoming Linux 5.0 kernel release.

Being well past the winter holidays, Linux 5.0-rc3 saw a ton of commit activity this week with a lot of bug/regression fixing. Though one “feature” worth pointing out that was merged this week was Nouveau now supporting the NVIDIA TU102, a.k.a. the RTX 2080 Ti and TITAN RTX granted in its mode-setting-only limited form. That complements the other NVIDIA Turing GPU support added to the Nouveau DRM driver back during the Linux 5.0 merge window to round-out the current latest-generation GeForce RTX 2000 series graphics cards.

The Linux 5.0-rc3 kernel is available via Git for the past hour. However, Torvalds has yet to issue any formal release announcement via the LKML. But overall it’s been another busy week of changes and likely at least another four weekly RCs before hitting the 5.0 stable milestone, still putting that date at the very end of February or early March should it be rocky grounds in the final weeks.

See our Linux 5.0 feature overview if not familiar with all of the work added back during the holiday merge window.

Update: Torvalds’ brief 5.0-rc3 announcement is now posted.