Linux 4.19.8 Released With BLK-MQ Fix To The Recent Data Corruption Bug


Hopefully you can set aside some time this weekend to upgrade to Linux 4.19.8 as there’s the BLK-MQ fix in place for the recent “EXT4 corruption issue” that was plaguing many users of Linux 4.19.

Greg Kroah-Hartman just released a number of stable kernel point releases. Linux 4.19.8 has just some minor additions like supporting the ELAN0621 touchpad, quirking all PDP Xbox One gamepads for better support, and some minor fixes… Linux 4.19.8 wouldn’t be worthy of a shout-out had it not been for Jens Axboe’s BLK-MQ patches part of this release.

Earlier this week the Linux 4.19+ data corruption issue was resolved and turned out not to be an EXT4 problem but rather an issue with the multi-queue block I/O queuing mechanism that could cause some data corruption when running without an I/O scheduler. Once that was figured out, the Linux 4.20 kernel quickly picked up the fixes and now it’s been back-ported to the 4.19.8 release. So particularly if using BLK-MQ with “none” as your I/O scheduler selection, make sure you upgrade to this latest release for data safety.

Greg also released Linux 4.14.87 and 4.9.144 as the latest for these LTS kernels albeit with no high profile changes.