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Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel is not known for mincing words when it comes to core technology. The world is still recovering from the shockwaves of Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, which affect almost every platform out there including Intel, AMD and ARM64. The news just broke that SPARC is also affected.

Out of all these companies, Intel gets the most criticism, for many reasons. They are the dominant player so their chips dominate the market, which means more affected users. The company knew about the vulnerabilities for months. More than one team of researchers found the flaw and informed Intel about it. What’s the possibility that it was also known to spy agencies and state sponsored hackers?

Intel is facing that wrath of the public as it’s CEO sold all of his stocks in the company (allowed by the bylaws), before the vulnerability went public.

However, Torvalds is concerned about only one thing: technology. Torvalds wrote in LKML:

“I think somebody inside of Intel needs to really take a long hard look at their CPU’s, and actually admit that they have issues instead of writing PR blurbs that say that everything works as designed.

.. and that really means that all these mitigation patches should be written with “not all CPU’s are crap” in mind.

Or is Intel basically saying “we are committed to selling you shit forever and ever, and never fixing anything”?

Because if that’s the case, maybe we should start looking towards the ARM64 people more.

Please talk to management. Because I really see exactly two possibilities:

– Intel never intends to fix anything


– these workarounds should have a way to disable them.

Which of the two is it?”

It’s great to see Torvalds openly talking about it as most other developers refrain from publicly sharing their views as they either work for Intel or an Intel partner.

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