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Collabora Productivity, a UK-based company that offers a cloud-based LibreOffice solution, has announced the release of CODE 3.0.

CODE is the community version of LibeOffice Online, which is available free to anyone who wants to run LibreOffice in their own cloud. In a press release,  Collabora Productivity stated, “CODE is the LibreOffice Online solution with the latest developments, perfect for home users that want to integrate their own online Office Suite with their preferred File Share and Sync solution. It allows editing of richly formatted documents directly from a web browser, with excellent support for all popular office file formats, including text documents (docx, doc, odt, …), spreadsheets (xlsx, xls, ods, …), and presentations (pptx, ppt, odp, …).”

Michael Meeks, General Manager of Collabora Productivity, told us that 3.0 is an interesting release in which they have started to bring parts of the rich LibreOffice functionality to the browser. Combined with collaboration, it’s easy to deploy and powerful to use. “In the Office world, people have a choice of any two of feature-depth, collaboration, or web deployment. We’re starting to provide all three,” said Meeks.

CODE 3.0 comes with many new features, including full-feature editing dialog, as seen in the desktop version of LibreOffice. The main purpose of CODE is to provides users early access to the very latest feature additions and updates to LibreOffice Online, to enable them to develop, test to make it better, and contribute back to LibreOffice.

Collabora sells a CODE-based commercial version called Collabora Online.

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