Librem 5 Developer Kit’s Mainline Kernel Support Hits 12th Patch Revision


While it’s just the DeviceTree additions needed to the kernel for enabling the Librem 5 Developer Kit to boot with the mainline kernel, the DT files are up to their twelfth patch revision.

With the Librem 5 Developer Kit leveraging the existing Linux kernel’s i.MX8 support, the Dev Kit support addition is introducing the DT files around the board. With this, the board has enough to boot to the command prompt. Though surprisingly for being just the DT, it’s taken 12 patch revisions to get where it’s at today. This latest revision is just trivial changes, so hopefully it’s a sign that the DT support could be ready soon for the mainline kernel. But with the Linux 5.2 kernel merge window passing, likely it won’t land until Linux 5.3.

Those interested can find the latest Librem 5 Developer Kit DT via the kernel mailing list. Keep in mind this is just for the developer board itself and not the delayed Librem 5 smartphone that is still under development and will likely require other kernel changes as well.