KDE Frameworks 5.54 Released With KWayland Improvements, KIO Supports TLS 1.3

KDE --

The KDE project has released KDE Frameworks 5.54 as their monthly update to these complementary components to Qt5.

Some of the highlights out of the dozens of components making up KDE Frameworks 5.54 include:

– Various additions and updates to the Breeze icons.

– KIO now supports TLS 1.3 as part of Qt 5.12.

– The Android notification backend was added, contrary to the developer saying it would be in KF5 5.55, so that is now part of KNotification.

– KTextEditor has better performance of small editing applications.

– KWayland picked up support for the XDG Decoration protocol, touch drag support, and allowing multiple touch interfaces per client. There are also KWayland fixes.

– Solid now supports Bluetooth battery reporting.

– Updated PHP syntax highlighting support, highlighting of CUDA cu/cuh files, and other syntax highlighting updates.

More details at KDE.org.