It’s Time To Vote On Whether Will Formally Hook Up With X.Org

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While X.Org and are already closely related, administered by many of the same people, and provides the hosting for much of the infrastructure, there isn’t many formalities around and the X.Org Foundation formally doesn’t have control of But there’s now a vote on whether the X.Org Foundation will formally accept

For months there has been talk of joining forces with the X.Org Foundation given the significant overlap with most X.Org resources tied to But the does also host some projects not under the umbrella like various small/personal projects, LibreOffice, Plymouth, GStreamer, and other (mostly desktop) open-source software for their Git repositories.

For this year’s X.Org Foundation elections, there is a vote on whether to add “Support free and open source projects through the infrastructure. This includes, but is not limited to: Administering and providing project hosting services.” to the foundation’s bylaws.

Little will change in reality, just formally recognizing and supporting

After several failed starts due to communication issues and other problems, the 2019 X.Org Foundation elections are underway and open to all current X.Org members. Details on those running for the board can be found via the Wiki.

Current members can vote via Due to the bylaws change, a super majority is needed to pass the change, which in the past has sometimes been a problem reaching the super majority threshold.