It’s Time To Re-Vote Following The Botched 2019 X.Org Elections

X.ORG --

While there were the recent X.Org Foundation board elections, a do-over was needed as their new custom-written voting software wasn’t properly recording votes… So here’s now your reminder to re-vote in these X.Org elections.

At least with the initial round of voting they reached a super majority and the ballot question of whether the X.Org Foundation should formally fold into its umbrella worked and that X.Org + hook-up passed so all is well on that front. But for the Board of Directors elections, that’s where re-voting is needed with the voting software that now correctly records the votes.

Running for the four seats on the X.Org Foundation board are Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez, Arkadiusz Hiler, Manasi Navare, Lyude Paul, Daniel Vetter, and Trevor Woerner.

So if you are an X.Org Foundation member, now it’s time to vote.