Intel’s Cloud-Hypervisor 16 Adds ARM64 ACPI + UEFI Support, Better Live Migration


Following the bump in April from Cloud-Hypervisor v0.14.x to v15, Cloud-Hypervisor 16.0 was released on Thursday for this Intel-led open-source hypervisor that is leveraging Rust and focused on cloud and security use-cases.

Cloud-Hypervisor 16.0 brings better live migration support thanks to tracking of dirty pages by the VMM, among other related work. There is also now 64-bit ARM (ARM64) support for ACPI as well as booting via a UEFI image. Yes, this Intel-led open-source virtualization hypervisor has been working on better 64-bit ARM support since bringing it up one year ago. Arm engineers have contributed to Cloud-Hypervisor along with Microsoft and other stakeholders.

Cloud-Hypervisor 16.0 also has better vhost-user support, the KVM clock is now correctly handled in more scenarios, and a variety of other improvements. But surprisingly support for booting with the LinuxBoot protocol for ELF and bzImage binaries was deprecated by this release.

More details on Cloud-Hypervisor 16.0 and source download links can be foun via GitHub.