GRUB 2.04 Release Candidate Brings Globs Of New Features

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It’s been 23 months since the release of GRUB 2.02 while the next release, GRUB 2.04, is finally around the corner. GRUB 2.04-rc1 was issued today as the first test release for this widely-used open-source bootloader.

With being two years in development, there is a lot of new functionality with GRUB 2.04. Among the changes for this GNU boot-loader are supporting multiple early initrd images, support for the F2FS file-system, a verifier framework, RISC-V support, UEFI Secure Boot shim support, Btrfs Zstd improvements, Btrfs RAID5/RAID6 support, Xen PVH support, UEFI TPM 1.2/2.0 support, and a lot of other work… It’s really quite a big release all around.

Hopefully the release candidate vetting will go well and GRUB 2.04 will be officially christened soon. Those wanting to try out GRUB 2.04-rc1 can grab the sources via Savannah Git.