GNOME 3.31.2 Desktop Released – Phoronix


GNOME 3.31.2 is out this Friday as the latest development release in the trek towards next March’s GNOME 3.32 release.

Highlights for the GNOME 3.31.2 development milestone include:

– The Epiphany web-browser has added preview widgets to its file choosers.

– Support for XPS files within the Flatpak version of the Evince document viewer. Meson is also now the default build system for the Flatpak version of Evince.

– GNOME Boxes virtualization client now sets the default machine type to the Intel Q35 model.

– Crash fixes for the Nautilus file manager.

– Sushi has been ported to the Meson build system.

– Various application icons were updated.

– Performance work and fixes for GNOME Shell and Mutter.

More details on the GNOME 3.31.2 development release via the mailing list announcement.