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After Linux, Git is the second major contribution of Linus Torvalds. Git has become a global phenomenon with GitHub, the planet’s largest repository of open source projects. Even Microsoft has moved the source code of Windows to a private GitHub repository. Companies like Google have shut down their own code-hosting platforms and moved their code to GitHub.

GitHub is now becoming active in “promoting” the open source development model. The company has announced celebrating every Friday as Open Source Day.

Mike McQuaid, a senior software engineer at GitHub wrote in a blog post, “Open source software powers the internet. Anyone using a computer uses open source, either directly or indirectly. Although it has become the industry standard, getting involved isn’t always straightforward.”

McQuaid disclosed that the company has been running a program internally for the last three years in which they encourage employees to work on some open source project every fourth Friday of the month. Now, they are opening up the program for anyone to get involved with open source.

“Open Source Friday isn’t limited to individuals. Your team, department, or company can take part, too. Contributing to the software you already use isn’t altruistic – it’s an investment in the tools your company relies on. And you can always start small: spend two hours every Friday working on an open source project relevant to your business,” wrote McQuaid.


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