Git 2.20 Brings Many Fixes, Updates To Windows Port


Junio Hamano has released Git 2.20 as the newest version of this widely-used distributed revision control system.

Git 2.20 is another incremental update to this widely used tool by developers. Some of the many changes to Git 2.20 includes:

– The Git clone process will better warn users when cloning to a case-insensitive file-system where there are files in that repository that only differ with their cases.

– Git on Windows now needs at least Vista. There are also various improvements to the Windows port such as better DLL handling and support for nano-second resolution file time-stamps.

– Additions to the Git completion script.

– Various updates to the Git documentation.

– An assortment of performance optimizations and also a great deal of bug fixes.

More details on Git 2.20 can be found via the mailing list release announcement.