FreeBSD 11.3 Enters Beta Ahead Of July Release

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While FreeBSD 12 is the latest and greatest stable series since the end of last year, for those still on FreeBSD 11 there is the 11.3 update due out for release in July while this weekend the first beta was issued.

FreeBSD 11.3 offers up the latest security updates and other stable bug fixes over FreeBSD 11.2 that was released nearly one year ago. But for those craving all the latest features and functionality, FreeBSD 12 is in release form or there is also FreeBSD 13-CURRENT.

Succeeding this FreeBSD 11.3 Beta are expected to be at least two more betas and three more release candidates over the next month, If all goes well, FreeBSD 11.3 will be officially released around 9 July.

More details on the current FreeBSD 11.3 Beta via Friday’s release announcement.