Fix for DNS problems after upgrading from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 16.10


I have recently upgraded my desktop machind from ubuntu 16.04 to ubuntu 16.10 and after reboot some of the websites are not working.

Solution 1

Disable dnsmasq

Edit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf with the following command

gksu gedit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

Enter in your password when prompted.

Comment out the line dns=dnsmasq


and then restart Network Manager using the following command

sudo restart network-manager

If you get /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused error try the following command

sudo service network-manager restart

Solution 2

Restart dnsmasq service using the following command

sudo service dnsmasq restart

Solution 3

Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf file

gksu gedit /etc/nsswitch.conf

and change the following line


hosts: files resolve [!UNAVAIL=return] mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns


hosts: files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] resolve [!UNAVAIL=return] dns

Save and exit the file

If you have any other solution worked for you please share with us.

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