Fedora Workstation 30 Is Shaping Up To Be Another Exciting, Feature-Packed Update


If you are looking for some motivation to try out this week’s Fedora 30 beta build, it’s shaping up to be another massive feature update as outlined by Red Hat’s Christian Schaller.

Schaller has penned another lengthy blog post highlighting the many improvements to be found in the upcoming Fedora Workstation 30. Many of the accomplishments to Fedora 30 were done by Red Hat developers and upstreamed to the respective projects.

On the Fedora Workstation 30 front is fractional scaling and many other improvements via GNOME 3.32, improved open-source H.264 coverage, NVIDIA binary driver support under Wayland via EGLStreams, improved gaming support on Wayland, various developer enhancements, flicker-free booting work carried over from F29, and much more.

See Christian’s blog for a lengthy write-up of the new material.

Fedora 30 beta was released on Tuesday while planning for debut at the end of April or early May is the official Fedora 30 update.