F2FS Continues Getting More Fixes As It Rolls Out To More Devices


The Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) continues being supported by more Android-powered mobile devices and with this uptick in user activity is resulting in more fixes and low-level improvements to the file-system.

With the previous Linux 5.0 cycle (nee 4.21) there were a number of fixes thanks to F2FS appearing on Google’s Pixel. This flash-optimized Linux file-system is appearing on more Android devices and with that more device engineers testing it out as well as evaluating the code.

F2FS lead developer Jaegeuk Kim acknowledges that F2FS is being “shipped in more devices” but without calling out any specific devices this round. Changes for Linux 5.1 include running discard jobs at unmount time (with a timeout), tuning the discard thread to avoid idling in order to lower power consumption, at least one deadlock fix, addressing some corrupted disk cases, and other fixes.

The complete list of F2FS changes for Linux 5.1 is laid out via today’s pull request.