DXVK 0.94 Released With New Optimizations, Game Fixes


DXVK lead developer Philip Rebohle who is working under contract for Valve released a new version of this open-source layer for translating Direct3D 10/11 calls to Vulkan API for enhancing the experience for running Windows games on Linux.

DXVK 0.94 is hot off the press this morning. The DXVK 0.94 release adds a number of performance improvements/optimizations as well as game fixes.

The DXVK 0.94 release has potential performance improvements on AMD and Intel hardware/drivers, enables an early-discard optimization for the AMDVLK / AMD proprietary drivers (still disabled for RADV along with the NVIDIA driver), and optimized descriptor pool allocations to yield lower memory usage.

The DXVK 0.94 release has various general fixes along with game-specific fixes for Anno 2205, Farming Simulator 2019, GTA V, and Ni no Kuni II.

More details on DXVK 0.94 via GitHub.