Chromium-Based Browsers to Ignore Google’s Ad-B… » Linux Magazine

Commercial web browsers including Brave, Opera and Vivaldi won’t be disabling ad blocker extensions as desired by Google Chrome. These browsers are based on the the same open source code-based that is used by Google Chrome. Google maintains an open source project called Chromium as the base of its Chrome browsers.

According to ZDnet, “At the end of May, Google made a new announcement in which it said that the old technology that ad blockers were relying on would only be available for Chrome enterprise users, but not for regular users.”

Chromium has become standard for web browsers, except for Safari and Firefox, almost everyone is using Chromium including Microsoft Edge. However, despite using the same code-base Chromium derivates Brave, Opera and Vivaldi will not follow Google into crippling some services including ad-blocking.

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