AMDGPU Sends In More Linux 5.1 Updates With Seamless Boot Bits, FreeSync Fixes


With the cutoff this weekend of new material in DRM-Next that hopes to make it in the upcoming Linux 5.1 cycle, besides Intel sending in a last batch, so has AMD with some more AMDGPU changes for this next version of the Linux kernel.

The Linux 5.1 material for AMDGPU already queued include PCI Express bandwidth utilization being exported to user-space now via sysfs, initial BACO (Bus Active, Chip Off) support for Vega, exposing shader and memory clocks via hwmon, delta color compression on scan-out surfaces, and other changes. A secondary pull brought Vega 20 fixes and other miscellaneous fixes.

Today’s last batch is comprised mostly of fixes, including for DC code around FreeSync, Adaptive Backlight Management (ABM), the initial bits on Seamless Boot, other Display Core clean-ups, a Vega 20 PCI Express DPM switching fix, and other miscellaneous changes. This pull also brings a new AMDGPU_CHUNK_ID_SCHEDULED_DEPENDENCIES feature as part of GPU deadlock prevention.

The complete list of changes in today’s pull request to DRM-Next can be found here.