3 Automation Technologies to Transform Your IT Department | IT Infrastructure Advice, Discussion, Community

Today’s IT teams are lean and overloaded with too much work. On top of that, much of their to-do list is backed up and progress is slow due to reactive issues and reoccurring needs from across the company, such as service desk ticketing or device distribution.

In turn, employees companywide are often left with a ripple effect of frustration as they wait for technology help. While other areas of a business are turning to automation to empower employees with more time, IT departments are beginning to realize they have fallen behind.

According to Spiceworks’ The 2019 State of IT annual report, 57% of organizations plan to use some form of IT automation by 2020. Additionally, 40% of IT decision makers foresee automation technology having the biggest impact on their business. By adopting new technologies that automate simple or repetitive work, IT teams will have more time and ability to focus their energy on proactive and transformative projects, and businesses will reinvigorate employee productivity across the board.

While there are many emerging technologies that can help IT departments transform, here are three trends that leaders should be focused on in 2019…

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