Monthly Archives: June 2016

Fedora 24 Released

The whole distro gets rebuilt on glibc 2.3

Canonical Announces Cross-Distro Support for Snaps

Ubuntu Vendor tries to solve app packaging and distribution problem across distributions.

ownCloud Forked

Frank Karlitschek, the founder of ownCloud, has forked the project and created a new open source project called Nextcloud. Karlitschek joined with Niels Mache, CEO of struktur AG/Spreed, to form a new company with the same name. Mache is making a seven-digit investment in the new company. Both Mache and Karlitschek will serve as the managing directors. Nextcloud is setting up a foundation to manage the project and trademark.

Within 12 hours of the Nextcloud announcement, ownCloud Inc, closed their US offices. ownCloud said in a blog post that the main lenders in the US cancelled their credit, which forced them to close the US office and terminate the contracts of eight employees.

A majority of former ownCloud employees, who quit the company after Karlitschek’s departure, have already joined Nextcloud. Karlitschek said Nextcloud welcomes all ex-employees of ownCloud Inc.

Nextcloud said it will honor the existing contracts of those ownCloud customers who want to switch to Nextcloud. Nextcloud will be available in two versions: enterprise and community. The first release of Nextcloud is expected in July. Contributors won’t be required to sign a contributor license agreement to contribute to Nextcloud.

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